People enjoy massage for many reasons... to relax, relieve stress, melt away muscular knots and spasms. Most people love massage simply because it feels great. It helps to promote a feeling of relaxation, peace, and self-connection, improving overall well-being.

All of our massage therapists are trained in Swedish Massage as a foundation for a treatment that relaxes the entire body. They all have additional training in other techniques, and will incorporate them as needed to create a treatment tailored just for you. Your session can be a therapeutic full-body massage with focus on specific areas, or you can request work just on a particular area, such as the neck and shoulders.


Relieves stress
Reduces pain and improves recovery time from injuries
Improves circulation, which can decrease swelling
Increases joint mobility and range of motion
Aids in detoxification and cleansing
Induces a relaxed, meditative state


"The three most important elements to me of the massage experience are the quality of the massage itself, convenient location and cost. At High Desert, all three exceed my expecations."
-Rick Fivekiller, Santa Fe, NM

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Swedish Massage

In a Swedish Massage, oil or lotion is used with long, flowing strokes to create relaxation, release muscular tension, and decrease pain. Static pressure on tight knots, stretching and rotating of limbs, gentle holds, or deeper pressure may be integrated to meet each individual's needs. The therapeutic benefits of Swedish Massage are numerous and include every
system of the body. It can be received as a stand-alone treatment or be integrated with an effective blend of complementary techniques. Our therapists are cross-trained in many modalities, such as cranial sacral therapy and deep tissue massage, allowing them to customize your treatment to meet your preferences and needs.


Relaxing and feels great
Decreases pain and restrictions
Relieves stress
Increases range of motion and circulation
Easily combined with other bodywork techniques


"The absolute best massage on 3 continents. Been coming to High Desert
Healthcare & Massage for 8 years every Saturday."
-S. S., Santa Fe, NM

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Deep Tissue Massage

In a Deep Tissue Massage, the therapist uses a deeper level of touch and specific techniques to address areas of chronic tension or holding. These techniques are usually integrated into a Swedish Massage, creating a seamless blend of soothing relaxation and therapeutic release.
The amount of pressure is always at the level desired, never more. For many people, a Deep Tissue Massage satisfies the need to feel that individual problem areas have been successfully addressed.


Relieves chronic tension, aches and pains
Eases repetitive strains, such as from computers or athletics
Speeds up injury recovery
Increases range of motion
Deeply relaxing


"We have recommended High Desert to many friends, neighbors and business associates and they all say, 'That was the best massage I have ever had.'"
-M. & L. C., Dallas, TX

Hands and Feet Treatment

Our Hands and Feet Treatment combines a relaxing, luxurious hand and foot massage with targeted reflexology work. The therapist first massages and mobilizes the soft tissues and joints of your hands and feet to help relieve specific aches and pains while allowing you to wind down. Then he or she uses static pressure on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands to stimulate reflexology points that correspond to other parts of the body, including organs and glands. This wonderful treatment can help with structural issues of the hands and feet while supporting increased overall health. It can help strengthen the immune system, increase vitality, aid in detoxification, and create a greater sense of well-being.


Entire body feels relaxed and rejuvenated
Relieves specific health concerns, aches and pains
Supports overall health


"My experiences at High Desert with both full body and hand/foot massage were excellent. I live in the San Francisco Bay area where massage flourishes, but High Desert ranks among the best I've had."
-J. D.

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Prenatal Massage

Many women find massage therapy an invaluable part of a healthy, happy pregnancy. Swedish Massage forms the foundation of the treatment, with other techniques mixed in to create a session that relieves discomforts and creates deep relaxation and release. Additionally, many expectant mothers find that by receiving massage their connection to their baby deepens and they have an easier time adjusting to the constant changes pregnancy creates. Treatments can be received either lying on the side with supporting pillows, or face down on a specially-designed body pillow.


Deeply relaxing and stress relieving
Relieves low back and shoulder pain
Increases circulation and can reduce leg cramps
Can improve sleeping problems


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Hot Stone Massage

A Hot Stone Massage is a deeply relaxing, nurturing and therapeutic treatment in which smooth basalt stones are heated to just the right temperature and used to massage the body, facilitating the release of muscular tension. The therapist may leave stones on specific pressure points to allow the soothing heat to penetrate the muscles and help melt away tension, aches and pains.


Feels great...soothing and warm
Loosens muscles while relaxing whole body
Works out knots and tension


For more information about Hot Stone Massage, follow this link:

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